In the Spirit of Creativity - Exploring Creative Expression in Groupwork and Textiles
                                         The Fair Elaine
                                                                        loved Sir Lancelot
                                                                        of Round Table
                                                                        Part of a
                                                                        bedspread design
                                                                        From my
                                                                        patchworking days
Annie Macmillan wears several hats under one hat!
Annie gained a post-graduate diploma in facilitation styles and group dynamics at Surrey University which, for her, captured years of personal study around creativity and its process. She continues to explore her fascination and deep trust in how she and others are creative.
She works individually and with groups in creative exploration and self confidence, with children and with adults.
As seen here, she also makes textile art, writes and records, for herself and others, weaving memory with literature and metaphor.
Annie has travelled and lived in many parts of the world before coming back to England to live at the end of 2006.  She has settled in Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear..................ever northwards...........?
Annie plays Sarah-Jane
This fragment reflects my time in Australia, and its many levels of experience.  I connected with the land through through art, folk tale, and literature, especially that of Patricia Wrightson where reality mists with the ethereal world as in
"Shadows of Time" where convict girl Sarah-Jane meets an aboriginal boy from 2 centuries earlier.......
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Tales of Transformation poster  January 2009
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