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Annie Macmillan
Textile artist, writer, illustrator
Member of SSWAG (Spinning Stories Writers and Artists Group)
Member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators
Latest updates:

11 October 2014:  My holiday project to teach myself screen printing:


Studying MA Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art
B****y Brilliant!!

While doing groundwork:

Moving in a world of books in pen and ink, and in machine embroidery

exploring Charles Keeping's pen strokes


Attended an Illustration workshop with Linda Birch (Illustrator of Bagpuss and the Poggles amongst others: )

 and while there was offered a place on this course:

June: Universita Delle LiberEta del FVG, Udine, Northern Italy: 
Grundtvig Workshop in Children's Books Illustration.

Resulting illustration run, a simple story of making life work:

July/August: Anglia Ruskin University Children's Book Illustration Summer School, Cambridge.

August: Course on line: with Mark Mitchell. I want to brush up on skills and missing basics in my art making experience while I prepare sketchbooks and illustrations for a venture for January 2014: Application for MA Children's Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge...for September 2014...


Achieved: MA Creative Writing (distinction) (2011-12) at Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Pinch me!  I have actually illustrated a published book!  I-am-an-illustrator.  (Dreams do come true)
Simply Cracking Good Stories is a project through the Linguistics Department of Newcastle University: first primers for non-English speaking students.
Book one:
War Bride
The words are by Vicci Adams. The illustrations use two layers of painted lutrador (a heat-bonded textile, used by florists) as a basis, with machine and hand stitching to embellish.
(Here is a double page spread not shown on the Blurb web site)
For more information:
Book two for Simply Cracking Good Stories:
Needles and Thread illustrated and written by me, and in the process of being published.
Here are the first three illustrations (a sneak preview):
Sonya goes to the country in the summer.
In her pocket, she takes needles and thread.
'I make dresses,' Sonya tells her country friends
Sonya goes to the town in the winter.
Sonya dances at parties.
She dances many times with one man.
His name is Peter.
Sonya marries Peter.
They are very happy in the town...
(Based on a true story of a brave Lithuanian family I met in Zimbabwe when it was still Rhodesia.)
2010: and before I started the MA, I did an excellent short course with Ann Coburn:
In a World of their Own: Writing for Teens, and began a novel set in Northumberland on intrigue and old beliefs in 13th century.  As chapters started to evolve, so did the illustrations:
(The words SO need editing but no opportunity yet to steep myself back in this era....)
black ink wash backgrounds, cut silhouettes in black paper with added black ink details
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